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Parks and landscapes.

Parks and Landscapes website is a private initiative. This website has been made to show how beautiful and vulnerable nature is.

In Western Europe only limited number of places with pure nature is left,...


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Parks and Landscapes website is an online source of information about parks, landscapes, gardens and people. We would like to draw attention especially to the areas in The Netherlands and Russia, but also in the other

parts of the world.


We are going to collect information about beautiful places on the earth and share it with anyone who loves nature.


We hope to gain better understanding of the relationship between nature and people, discuss opportunities to avoid or to reduce negative impacts of human activities on environment.


We can help nature by sharing information, suggestions and ideas that will change our attitude to nature in a positive direction.


Parks and Landscapes

The website  contains different types of information about a  park, a landscape, or a garden.

Here is a set of examples:









Hyde park

Hyde park,

London, England

Verwolde park

Verwolde park,

Gelderland, Netherlands

Zuratkul reserve

Zuratkul reserve,

Chelyabinsk, Russia



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Sonsbeek park, Arnhem, Netherlands




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Kumasi, Ghana, 05.2010


Photowalk archive

Veluwe park, autumn, 6 Veluwe park, autumn, 1 Veluwe park, autumn, 4 Forest-Ardennes-3

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Vakantiehuis Bertha

VoetFit. Pedicure| Podologie





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