Kumasi – garden city

In May of this year we visited the city of Kumasi in Ghana. It is interesting city where live about one and a half million people. The city is well known for its market, which is the largest market in Ghana and on which goods are brought from all over the country. There are many banks and they are located in the most beautiful buildings. The rest of the city consists of private houses which are built usually of plywood or boards. Sometimes these houses are very small and do not even have the windows. This is certainly surprising.
But the impression is smoothed by abundance of vegetation. Kumasi really is  a garden city. Right along the streets grow bananas, palms, mango, papaya, orange trees, cacao trees, cassava and simply beautiful and unusual trees. Banana gardens are very popular, as a rule they adjoin the wealthier homes. Directly in the city you can see the mango and orange farms. Everyone in Ghana knows that Kumasi is a place of the fascinating, flourishing  trees and plants. We have never seen before such a green city!
Pictures of Kumasi and its surroundings (photos made by Jan Jansen and Elena Kaledinova):


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